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14 – Parenting

Parenting is never easy. But divorce has a high impact on children on matter how well you parent. There’s nothing you can do about that. Use this section to gain tools and perspective to help your children to minimize the pain and devastation they will have to work through to become well-adjusted and healthy adults.

Remember you’ll be co-parenting your child for life. The more adversarial the divorce, the harder it’ll be to put those feelings aside after the divorce. Shared events like graduations, weddings or the birth of a grandchild will be awkward enough. Keep that in mind before you decide to start a world war with your spouse.

Report physical abuse or neglect to your children
Just be certain that you aren’t overreacting to something that you wouldn’t have considered abuse before your divorce. Our emotions have a way of intensifying things when we’re going through high stress situations like a divorce. 

Also, seek legal counsel BEFORE filing abuse charges. Make sure you have the incident well documented if possible. Have witness statements, police reports, medical records, photos and any other evidence such as recordings.

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