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Divorce Advice Specialists

We’re so glad you’ve found our site, and you will be too once you understand how we can help you. My name is Rick and my wife’s name is Barbara. My wife and I are Divorce Advice Specialists. We’re not attorneys.

Divorce can be compared to traveling a dark unknown path with pitfalls and dangers at every turn. Years ago, I went through a horrible divorce that shattered my family and finances. This site exists so that doesn’t happen to you.

First, we encourage you to look at our Marriage Resources page to determine if there’s any chance of saving your marriage. We would never recommend a divorce unless all other efforts to save the marriage are exhausted. If you’re unable to save your marriage, you may still find value in this section as a resource for others that are working on saving a troubled marriage.

There’s a ton of helpful information on this site. This brief video overview will help you
navigate directly to the section that will best address your specific needs.
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My wife and I are people of faith, and we care deeply about others. We know first-hand the pain and destruction that divorce can inflict on families. But we also know that many people find themselves in this difficult position regardless of their belief system or efforts to save their marriage.

Our mission is to help families stay connected to whatever degree that’s possible, despite the difficult challenges that divorce brings. The resources on this site are relevant and helpful to anyone during a divorce. But especially helpful to those with a difficult spouse. We’ve helped thousands of families around the world to navigate through difficult divorces.

Divorce Decree

We specialize in helping people to protect themselves, their children, and assets; while minimizing the cost, conflict, and damage in a divorce with a difficult spouse.

  • There are 3 potential stages of a divorce that are progressive in nature.
  • Divorce
  • High conflict divorce
  • High conflict divorce that includes Parental Alienation

Parental Alienation is a clinical term describing one parent turning their child against the other. Most people can’t imagine that any parent would abuse their child like this, or how easily and methodically this form of brainwashing can be accomplished until the damage is already done. I lost my 2 sons to this horrible form of child abuse.

Unfortunately, the description you’ve just read is a very common pattern of escalation in a divorce involving children. You may start out in what seems to be a typical divorce, but unless you know how to identify and safeguard yourself from alienation tactics, they can easily become a part of your divorce.

After many years as divorce advice specialists, we’ve found the most effective way to help families is to reach them early in the divorce process, before PA tactics are used. So, we created our Divorce Protection Program to help minimize the escalation in conflict before irreparable damage occurs. We’ve split this site into 2 different sections. You can choose the section that best addresses your personal concerns and current situation.

  • The first section deals with how to avoid (or navigate) a High Conflict Divorce.
  • The second section deals with Parental Alienation. Unless you know how to protect yourself, one often leads to the other. If you have children you will likely find value in both sections.

Divorce Advice – The Ultimate Divorce Protection Program

Who this is for:

  • You want to maintain the best relationship possible with your spouse, child, and extended family during and after a divorce.
  • You are in (or heading toward) a divorce with a difficult spouse.
  • You want a step-by-step plan to protect your assets, children, and future. And to reduce conflict, legal expenses, and damage to your family, without being overpowered by an unreasonable spouse.
  • You want to avoid mistakes that could adversely affect your settlement or family relationships.
  • You want to save thousands of dollars in attorney fees.

Go to the Divorce Advice page.

Parental Alienation

Who this is for:

  • You know that you and your children are experiencing PA and want resources to understand and address this form of abuse.
  • Or you suspect PA tactics are being used on your child, and you want to know how to identify and protect them from this abuse.

Examples of PA

  • Your spouse treats you disrespectfully in front of your children
  • They speak degradingly about you to your child
  • They encourage the children to disrespect you
  • They believe that they’re a much better parent than you
  • They confide in your child and instruct them to keep secrets from you
  • They constantly try to be the favored parent
  • Unwarranted accusations that you’re neglecting or abusing your child

Go to the Parental Alienation page.

The resources on this site address the following:

  • Navigating and Surviving a High Conflict Divorce 
  • Family Court and Child Custody Cases
  • How to Protect Your Assets, Children and Future
  • How to Reduce Conflict, Legal Expenses, and Risk
  • Finding and Qualifying the Best Attorney for Your Situation
  • Managing Your Attorney
  • Getting the Best Settlement, While Minimizing Damage to Your Family
  • Difficult Spouse Test
  • How to Stand Up to a Difficult Spouse Without Creating Conflict
  • Children and High Conflict Divorce
  • Identifying Parental Alienation
  • Parental Alienation Quiz
  • Parental Alienation Support Groups
  • Educating Friends, Family and Professionals About PA
  • Keeping Connected When You’ve Lost Contact with Your Children
  • Processing Intense Emotions in a Healthy Way
  • Spiritual – Faith & Healing
  • Re-marriage
  • Blending Families
  • Parenting Skills
  • Legal Resources

There’s a ton of valuable divorce and parental alienation advice on this site. Take your time and take full advantage of what it’s taken us years to learn as divorce advice specialists.

Legal Disclaimer
It is expressly understood and agreed to by the user that all the information on our site, or any program or advice that we offer, is for educational purposes only. The information is NOT Legal Advice and is not intended to replace licensed professional advice, such as Legal, Financial, Medical or any other licensed profession. The user of this information assumes all responsibility, liability and risk associated with the use of this information. No specific results are guaranteed or implied. All rights reserved. No part of this website, videos, content, or program materials may be reproduced, made derivative works of, sold, used for commercial purposes, or transmitted in any form or by any means, without express written permission of Keeping Families Connected. Any unauthorized use, or reproduction is strictly prohibited.

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