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Keeping Families Connected – FAQ’s

  • How does Keeping Families Connected help families going through a divorce?
    We provide resources to help anyone heading toward, or in a divorce wanting to protect themselves and minimize damage to their family and finances. We cover pre, mid and post-divorce issues to help families thrive and stay connected as much as possible despite the challenges of divorce. We also help parents to identify and overcome Parental Alienation, which is common in high conflict divorces.

  • Is your Divorce Protection Program only useful for difficult divorces?
    No. Our information will be helpful to anyone going through a divorce. But it will be especially useful and even essential to someone with a difficult spouse.

  • Will following this advice reduce legal expenses?
    People have saved thousands of dollars following this advice. Some over $100,000.

  • Isn’t having a good attorney enough?
    Unfortunately, attorneys have a financial incentive to litigate. That is diametrically opposed to the goal of keeping costs down. It’s crucial to learn how to find and qualify the right attorney. And then to know how to manage them once they’re retained.

  • What do you charge for your Divorce Protection Program?
    There is no charge for any of our information. We work on a donation only basis.

  • Should I share this resource with my pastor or counselor?
    Yes. This resource should be used by any pastor or counselor that deals with marital issues.

  • Are you attorneys?
    We are not. Our information is NOT Legal Advice and is not intended to replace licensed professional advice, such as Legal, Financial, Medical or any other licensed profession.
  • I have questions about my specific situation, can you help?
    As much as we care about you and your situation, we’re unable to respond to individual requests for help or advice. We simply don’t have the capacity. All resources are on our site.
  • I’m in a horribly expensive child custody case, can you help me financially?
    We’re sorry but we don’t have financial resources to offer that type of help. We recommend checking with family, friends or your church community to see if they may be able to help you meet your basic needs.

Why do people donate to this ministry?

  • Families that have benefited from our advice and resources. Many save thousands of dollars in legal fees, and greatly reduce the amount of conflict with their spouse and want to give back.
  • Those that have been through a devastating divorce that didn’t have this information when they needed it. They partner with us to be sure it’s available for the next family that needs our help. They know the true value of this information.
  • People that have been subjected to Parental Alienation and want to help protect other families from the same fate.
  • People that have a heart to help others reduce the pain and devastation that divorce can bring, especially to children.
  • Churches and other family focused organizations.

What’s the difference between Keeping Families Connected and Divorce Care?

Divorce Care

  • Healing and divorce recovery support group – a great program for emotional healing!

Keeping Families Connected

  • We provide a step-by-step plan to help people protect themselves, their children, and assets
  • We help them minimize the cost, conflict, and damage of a divorce
  • We devote an entire section of our site to identifying and overcoming Parental Alienation
  • Home setting – convenient – no potential group discomfort or time schedule barrier
  • No investment required for church or participant
  • No group leader or meeting place required
  • We encourage people to participate in a DC program in their area for emotional healing

We hope you’ve found this Keeping Families Connected FAQ page helpful. If you have further questions, please feel free to go to our contact us page.

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