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Personal Growth

We have compiled a list of resources broken down by categories to assist you in your personal growth. We’ve provided you with links to these resources whenever possible. So many of these books/resources have become dear friends and have helped shape who we are today. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have over the years!

We are NOT affiliates of any of these resources and do not benefit financially.

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Section #1: Faith

In our opinion, this first group of books and web resources deals with the absolute most important aspect of what is going on in your life right now. “Where is God in all of this?”

Some of you may be screaming those words while hot tears are streaming down your cheeks. By now you are probably angry and disillusioned with life itself, and possibly even with The One who created us. All I can tell you is this, in my personal journey “everything that others meant for evil pointed me to a God that loves me deeply and will never leave or forsake me, even when, no, especially when it seems that I am wounded, forgotten and alone. Sometimes the only way you know that you’re alive is the pain…”

These books will reveal, or at the very least re-acquaint you with, the God of the universe that loves you and your children. He is not some “feeble well-meaning old man” on a cloud somewhere. Nor is He “impotent or uncaring” about you or your children.

He WANTS you to seek Him in your pain. He loves your children more than you ever could. Find out what His plan is for you and all those “who are called according to His purpose in Christ Jesus”. His plan may surprise you, but it will definitely encourage and bring healing to you in the midst of the storm.

Just give me Jesus
the case for Christ
When God doesn't make sense
Disappointment with God
evidence that demands a verdict
Knowing God
where is God when it hurts
What's so amazing about grace
The Purpose Driven Life\
Walking with God through pain and Suffering
Fresh Wind Fresh Fire
evidence that demands a verdict
My Utmost for His Highest
God will make a way
Finding God
God Loves You
Experiencing God
God is in Control
The Pursuit of God
The Pleasures of God
Educating Our World image
This site by Don Stewart has hundreds of books, articles and videos to strengthen you walk with the Lord.
Real Life Network image
You can get this app by Jack Hibbs at the Apple, Google, Roku and many other app stores.

Focus on the Family

Turning Point Ministries

Insight for Living

Love & Respect

Family Life


Section #2: Healing From the Devastating Effects of Divorce

From our experience dealing with thousands of individuals who have experienced a divorce, most people will tell you that their divorce was one of the most painful and stressful times in their life. Healing from divorce is a process that is often long and uncomfortable but worth every bit of effort you put into the healing process. In addition to the books below we would recommend that you don’t try and go through your divorce alone. Hook up with a DivorceCare group in your area. It’s a place where you will find caring people who understand the issues you are facing.

When  the vow breaks
Broken heart on hold
Good boundaries and goodbyes
New Life after divorce
Growing through divorce
Divorce Happened to me
Torn Asunder
Single married separated live after divorce
Fatal Divorce Mistakes

Section #3: Dealing with your emotions and getting rid of the baggage

Most of the time our emotions serve us well. Without them it would be impossible to feel love, compassion, mercy and even grief. But sometimes our emotions become our master, leading us down paths that are fraught with danger, and are abusive to those around us. These books can help you to set healthy boundaries with those that would harm or take advantage of you and your children, while also freeing you from destructive habits and patterns in your life.

Emotions Can you trust them
Bondage Breaker
Overcoming Emotions that destroy
Choosing forgiveness
Your Scars are beautiful to God
A Grief Observed
It's not supposed to be this way
Emotionally destructive relationship
Suffering is never for nothing
Forgiving what you can't forget
Stress Fractures
Unmasking Male depression
A womans guide to overcoming depression
A Step Farther and Higher
When Life Doesn't Turn Out Like You Planned
Make anger your ally
Last Addiction
Changes that heal
Safe People
The Control Trap
Total forgiveness
Victory over Darkness

Celebrate Recovery

Divorce Care

Section #4: Marriage – don’t fall into old patterns with a new spouse

What is the last thing you EVER want to go through again…Another divorce! Commit to investing the same amount of time and effort to build an awesome marriage with your spouse, as you would to build anything of great and lasting value. You better have a plan! And a bunch of skills and basic understanding of the opposite sex wouldn’t hurt either would it? There is hope after divorce!

If you think being married is difficult, wait until you start blending families! It can be great if you are equipped with effective parenting skills and have worked through your own issues, but it can be a nightmare if you haven’t. I would encourage each one of you that is considering starting another family (or blending one) to equip yourself with the best tools that you can find. Both you and your family will be glad you did.

5 Love Languages
Laugh your way to a better marriage
Intimacy ignited
Saving your second marriage before it starrts
Living in a step family without getting stepped on
Love and Respect
What's it like to be married to me
His Brain Her Brain
What did you expect? Redeeming the realities of marrage
God breathes on blended families
Boundaries in Marriage
Tender Warrior
Staying close - stopping the natural drift towards isolation in a marrage
Blended Families
the blended marriage

Rebuilding Families

Section #5: Parenting skills that can change your life

Parenting even under normal circumstances this is not an easy task. During and after a divorce, these tools are needed more than ever. The following section offers help to anyone interested in learning how to effectively and lovingly parent their children. Become the very best parent you can be your children are worth it.

Section #6: Helping your children through your divorce

Our children are the innocent victims of our choices and the choices of our ex-spouses. As parents we need to help them in the healing process. The following books are excellent resources that help children work through the tough and even heart-breaking issues of divorce and a “broken” family.

can anyone fix my broken heart
when mom and dad divorce
generation ex
getting through my parents divorce
fred stays with me
my mom and dad dont live together anymore
Broken: Making Sense of Life After Your Parents' Divorce
Unexpected legacy of divorce
its not your fault koko bear
two homes for tyler
its okay to cry
Getting a Grip: The Heart of Anger Handbook for Teens

Section #7: Parental Alienation – the “ultimate hate crime”

These books will explain what Parental Alienation is, how it is used, and how to help your children when you encounter it. A “must have” for anyone experiencing problems with their children, created by Parental Alienation!

Divorce Poison
Parental Alienation
Taken into custody
A Kidnapped mind
high conflict custody battle
A family's heartbreak
Elusive Innocence
Parental Alienation
Children held hostage
Divorce Casualties
Surviving Parental Alienation

Section #8: Going deeper in your Faith

In this section you will find resources to help you go deeper in your faith. We start with the bibles and commentaries we love and use on a regular basis. We have also added some churches that we know are solid Bible teaching churches. There are many more and we will add some as we can. The last section in this section are praise and worship songs that have touched us and been a great blessing to us.


The Swindoll study bible
The Bible Knowledge Commentary
The Jeremiah Study Bible


We know how difficult it is to find good churches with solid Bible teaching. These are just a few of the churches we have attended over the years. We encourage to seek out a local church to connect with. Barb and I attend a local church but often go to other sources during the week to continue to dig deep and build our faith.

Calvary Chapel Chino Hills
Chino Hills, CA
Pastor Jack Hibbs

South Spring Baptist Church
Tyler, TX
Pastor Chris Legg

412 Church
San Jacinto, CA
Pastor Tom Hughes

Shadow Mt. Community Church
El Cajon, CA
Pastor David Jeremiah

Mars Hill Community Church
Powder Springs, GA
Pastor Tom Gray

Athey Creek Christian Fellowship
Tualatin, OR
Pastor Brett Meador

Woodside Bible Church
Troy, MI
Pasto Chris Brooks


These are just a few of the songs on our playlist that have helped us during some of the most difficult times in our lives. We hope that you will come to love them as much as we do.

It is Well
Is He Worthy
No Longer Slaves
Praise You in the Storms
How Great Thou Art
More than Able
You’re Gonna Be Ok
I Still Believe
I Surrender
Give Me Jesus
Almost Home
You Say
Even If
I Need You
Lord, I Need You
Agnus Dei

We hope you’ve found these Personal Growth resources helpful and encouraging in your quest for peace, understanding and healing.

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