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Parental Alienation Stories

World map of Parental Alienation stories
(We have been visited by people from176 countries around the globe. You are NOT ALONE on this journey. We have listed the countries at the bottom of the page)

Parental Alienation is a hotly debated topic. Some would have us believe that PA doesn’t exist. Or if it does, it’s rare and the effects are minimal. There’s nothing more compelling than hearing stories from other families that have experienced PA. You are not alone.

Real Stories

These stories have been inserted just as they were received by us. (typos and all)
If you have a story to share please send it by email to support@keepingfamiliesconnected.com

My son Christopher committed suicide Nov 13, 2008. He was a victim of Parental Alienation and the resulting depression. PAS is VERY REAL and very lethal. Would that all alienating parents realize this and get help. My prayers are for all the parents and children who are experiencing this hell on earth. Continue to pray that God would open blind eyes, soften hardened hearts, and heal the wounded.

Dean, United States

I just finished reading your site and I am so thankful to see that I am not alone. Only today did I finally find a name for this heartbreak–parental alienation–and now I am searching for all the information that I can find on it. I will be sending you my story for consideration in your book. Thanks again for such a wonderful site.

Warm Regards,
Ruth-Ann, United States

I had seen your video on you tube before.Today I seen that you had a web site.I wish I had done this before,but am grateful to have found it now… Every situation is different,but we undoubtedly feel the same anguish…Thank you for helping me with my bitterness.

Eric L. (address not disclosed)

This is SUPERB and should be shown on national TV, in every police station, every school and every court in the land.

KCAJ, United Kingdom

I can’t thank you enough. I’m slowly finding out why my daughter doesn’t want to see me anymore; A loving,caring father who was always there-teaching, learning, imagining, creating.I thought I was in pain-I can’t imagine what she’s going through. Every lawyer, judge, and mediator involved in family court should see this.Best wishes to you and your future..and most of all to your children. All the children. May just one alienating parent see this and recognize and have the courage to change .

Lam A., United States

Praise God that you have put together an amazingly loving video to bring light to this tragedy our country is facing. I will pray for your family, and others going through similar situations. Your boys will grow up knowing that they are loved by their father because you are fighting to show it. No one is perfect, and my family went through a breakup, but even while my children’s father was not with us, I refused to taint their love for him or allow anyone to speak ill of him around our children. We are now married and have three children who are absolutely confident in the love they have from both their mother and father-and I thank God for the strength he gave me during that time so that I did not inadvertently destroy their security in that love. I pray that many people see this video and reflect on their lives and others around and put the children’s well being first-after all, what does it hurt for your children to have the love of their entire family?

Jennifer B., Culpeper, VA

I just wanted to let you know that mothers are at the other end of alienation. My ex husband alienated our children from me all the way from Alabama, I live in Indiana. 2 custody battles later, I lost physical custody of our children. I lost my children emotionally much earlier. The word must get out, if I had known and understood what was going on with my children sooner I could have helped them. So many professionals do not know of PAS. My children loved me and then they learned to hate me and I was the custodial parent. One thing I do know is I was and am a great mom. I love my children more than then words can express. My children were robbed of a loving mom and aunts and uncles, grandparents etc. If I could lose my children any one can. Any one. I believe that parental alienation should be punishable like a crime. Then maybe it would STOP. I also know that the children truly suffer the most. Since that is the case and I know how difficult this is for me to handle, how are they coping????

Barbara S., Indiana

Hi, your video made me cry, you are lucky that you have some images to remind you of your children, I have none, I totally agree with your words and please know that you have support, even if from afar, in prayer and love

Alan, Birmingham, United Kingdom

“I loved the clip on your site. My parents were divorced when I was very little. It was a horrible situation. My mom constantly cut my dad down to me and tried using visitations as a form of manipulation. I choose to live with my dad when I turned 12. Because I told the judge…there was not anything that my mom could do…except to try to make me feel guilty. It was a rough time.

It’s really sad when parents attempt to hurt the other parent with the kids. It does hurt the parent…but it really hurts the child the most. It has to be one of the most selfish choices that a parent could make. I couldn’t imagine keeping my children from my husband. Kids need both of their parents.

The Lord has brought me a lot of healing from all of the childhood scars. Here is a verse that really helped me…”When my father and my mother forsake me, Then the LORD will take care of me.” Ps. 27:10

I really enjoyed your site that you made for your boys. I know that you are separated from you boys against your will…but know that while you are apart, the Lord will take care of them.”

God Bless you both!
Dawn M., Ohio

Good Morning! I happened across your website. I’m so glad I did because I realize that I do a bit of parent bashing. The point about teaching a child to hate part of themselves hit me, making me realize I need to very careful about anything negative I say about their father/any disagreements.

As a Christian, this turmoil has been the most difficult thing in my life. A Williamson County, Texas female judge (name deleted to protect Sandra) gave primary custody of our 4 youngest children (all daughters) to my ex husband. I’m squeaky clean, and there was no legitimate reason to change primary residence to him. The judge hates me and it doesn’t matter that the girls all want to live with me, or that, after they went to live with him, one started shoplifting and was caught with drugs, 2 were caught by police wandering around at 3 a.m., 1 has been expelled from her school, all their grades are slipping, and the very youngest who is 10 is getting very depressed.

It is very difficult to just sit here and wait for the Lord to work things out. I have an attorney who said he will help me for free, but after he did attempt to help me once, the judge treated him with total disrespect in the courtroom. After that he told me that it is an uphill battle, because “She (the judge) hates you, and now she despises me because I’m helping you.”

You are absolutely right when you say that the system is broken. It needs to be fixed and not in 5 years but right now before more children suffer.

Sandra, Austin, Texas

hi I am an Adult Survivor of Parental Alienation Syndrome & a Lost Father. this is very real very painful…its killing me.

Juniper, United States

I recently contacted Focus on the Family and found that they have no policy statement whatsoever on PA. I have asked that they consider having one and they are taking it under consideration. People like you and I are witnesses to the social destruction that PA brings. We must be strong and consistent in our efforts to expose this social trauma for what it really is. I want you to know that I understand and feel your pain. It is therapeutic for me to know that others like you have experienced what I have experienced and even though you feel isolated in a great way, you are not alone. You have so much to offer the world from the pain that you have felt for your children. PA is evil in our society and we need to be diligent in exposing it for what it really is, “unhealthy assertion of power and control of one parent over the other through the abuse of affections of their children.”

Thank you my friend
Chuck D., Tualatin, OR

I wish I could’ve shown my mom this! I hope that you can be with your children someday soon, I’m sure they really miss you despite what they’ve been taught to believe.

R.K. Harty, Kokomo, Slovenia

This an amazing, but very sad insight into today’s society. My heart goes out to you and any other parents sharing our painful existence. I have not seen my three darling children for a year, i have missed first words, first school days, birthdays, and Christmas. I delivered each one in turn and enjoyed the most beautiful bond. Sadly, i have been failed by the court system. please listen to my song : alan sawyer missing my babies. good luck my friend.

Alan S., United Kingdom

“I loved your movie clip about your sons. I think that every judge, lawyer, minister, whoever gives advice to parents who are splitting up, should be required to watch that clip before they take the first step in divorce, and continue to watch it on a weekly basis during and after the divorce. Maybe it will sink in that it is the parents divorcing not the kids. Sorry to hear about your loss, it is the greatest loss I can imagine. Hope you can hook up with your kids again one day. Keep putting things like that on the internet and I’m sure your kids will find it and know how much you love them. My daughter is divorced and raising her kids on her own, but even though the father isn’t perfect he is still in their lives.

I do understand some of the heartache that you went through because my sister had her grandparents rights removed after her daughter died in an accident for one of her grandchildren. That was before the state of Illinois reversed the Grandparents Rights Act. She now get to see him often. Actually the very persons that tried to keep her from him are now trying to push him on her more than she is able to do.”

Good luck with your ministry,
B. Dupont, Illinois

I think it is also amazing the organization that you set up to help families torn from their children. If there were more people like you out there, that kind of sadness would barely exist in this crazy time we live in. This organization should be supported by anyone and everyone for the sake of the children. I know I would be at a loss if something happened and I had my four babies taken away from me. I don’t ever want to endure it to understand it fully, but you fully have my support no matter what.

I have to look up to you both with the journey that this life has brought you. To stick it out together through some of the toughest times is something you two need to be very proud of. Not everyone can do or handle what you have…they usually fall apart.

Lots of hugs to both of you for what you are doing,
Linda (& Rich, too), Ringgold, GA

This video was so beautiful. I too have not seen my 5 boys in 4 years due to my ex’s control to keep them from me. The first year we did not know where they were since he hide them and told them I was dead. Now I am fighting the courts in Utah to see them…my ex has money and false accusations to keep me away. I pray everyday that you, and people like me will get our children home soon. Thank you for doing this video and your website.You are doing a great work on getting the word out!!!

Lisa, United States

Why do adults do this to children? This is so sad children should never be caught in between choosing. I was raised by my Mom and she refused to put us through that and in spite of the pressure from people around her we had access to both parents.

Harley, Canada

I’m a mother experiencing this as well. Please take heart that it’s not just Dads who suffer this. The decision of custodial parent should stand with truth, ability and love and most importantly the parent who has the child’s best interest at heart. Man or woman, we deserve to be with our children and our children should not be punished for loving us. I’m so sorry to all of you who have to deal with this.

Rachel , United States

Your video could not be more exact. I found out about PAS while searching alienation on the web when I started to notice changes in my children. I’ve tried everything to stop the progression to no avail. Now they barely speak to me-won’t eat anything I make or buy. Any gift is shoved in a corner or gone. And nobody in the system helps or listens. I am looked at as the crazy one. But your perseverance inspires me-TY.

The mom now called “she” , United States

since the day i was born my ex-mother forbid me too see my fathers side uncles aunts grandparents and cousins after the deforce my dad was on that list too today i haven’t spoken with her for about 8 years and ill probably never forgive her she will probably die alone because i sure wont come. whatever evil parent reads this don’t be so stupid.

GF, Netherlands

I truly believe everyone that sees this video will be in tears. there is fathers out there that don’t want anything to do with their biological children and here you have a man (a real father) that wants to be with his kids and someone wants to take that away. wow, when people want to hurt you, they know exactly where to hit you and knows it will hurt the most. Your Children. Them are some VERY LUCKY boys to have a dad like you. There are plenty of kids out here that would love a father like you. i have 2 boys of my own. Corbit just turned one year this past august and Lonnie will be four years next month. They are crazy about their daddy and i wouldn’t ever do this to him. He’s just as crazy about them as they are him. Does your ex wife ever think about if the tables were turned and how she would feel? I wish you all the luck with this! and hope you will be reunited with your babies.

BCR, United States

Praise God that you have put together an amazingly loving video to bring light to this tragedy our country is facing. I will pray for your family, and others going through similar situations. Your boys will grow up knowing that they are loved by their father because you are fighting to show it. No one is perfect, and my family went through a breakup, but even while my children’s father was not with us, I refused to taint their love for him or allow anyone to speak ill of him around our children. We are now married and have three children who are absolutely confident in the love they have from both their mother and father-and I thank God for the strength he gave me during that time so that I did not inadvertently destroy their security in that love. I pray that many people see this video and reflect on their lives and others around and put the children’s well being first-after all, what does it hurt for your children to have the love of their entire family?

Jennifer B., Virginia

I can not understand why mothers want to do this to their children and I believe this will come back to hunt them.I can see you love your children and one day they will find you. Keep fighting for your children they have a right to know you.

A mother, Netherlands

Hang in there. I can relate because I never wanted to be here as a child and as an Adult going through this pain with my son, I wish I wasn’t here. Last year he’s father kept him away from me for 9 months..no communication, no hearing his voice. His father just knew that would break me and send me away. I began doing things to help me cope – art and talked to a therapist on a regular. Yes, it would have killed me if I didn’t try to help myself.

Sadly, my son’s father and I grew up together and his mom was/IS very dominant. She destroyed his relationship with his father so I believe, he thinks this is normal behavior. I can’t allow his issues to continue to be mine. It stopped when I began viewing this blog.

Stay strong, it has to get better one day. Thank you 🙂

M.H., United States

Very moving video – well done. Until the incentives for destroying the nuclear family are removed, along with the corrupt politicians and elite who put them in place, then generations of children will be increasingly destroyed by the rulers agenda. Return fathers as head of the nuclear family. Automatic mother custody must be stopped.

The Father for Justice, England

Thank you for posting such a touching video. My boyfriend forwarded this to me and I watched it as long as I could before crying. He is the father of 3 boys with his ex-wife that he loves dearly. His time spent with them has decreased over the last 2 years to where he only sees them once or twice a week for only a few hours at a time. His ex uses any angle to her advantage to keep them away. Courts do not want to listen. My apologies to you for having to be affected by your ex’s actions…

P.C., United States

I thank my mother for not alienating me from my dad,even though he was an alcoholic and a difficult person to live with, he still was my dad, she recognized that and understood that i loved him no matter what , she never spoke badly about him.

Kris, Netherlands

This video brought tears to my eyes. Yes, the courts are corrupted and we are destroying our society with the ambient violence so many families endure by the professional elite who use their power and knowledge to extort for financial gain.

CR, Canada

I am a resident parent and my son’s father continuously tries to turn him against me and my husband by lying to the child and constantly denigrating me. Supporters of the PAS Theory constantly assert that only non resident parents can be a victim of PAS – this is not the case.

Mom, United States

I’m in the same situation, in Japan. I’m thinking of writing a book called “You’re voodoo dolls are my wingless angels”. Mine are daughters. I have great sympathy and empathy for you. Children should not be innocent victims of spite. I wish you all the luck in the world. Love and Peace.

A father from Japan

Parental Alienation is real. I have not seen my sons since September 1993. I miss them so much and I know they love me but are unable to express it. They are the victims, I am so sad. 🙁 Love and Prayers,

Patty L., Mullica, New Jersey

My prayers are with this father and the children! I am a victim of parental alienation as well even being a woman I was a victim of the other family playing manipulative games and a lot of money it is sad because the children are the ultimate victims.

Daniela V., Flint, Michigan

Two parents are better than one, NO one has the right to play God!!

Mirin and Anya’s Dad, Scotland

Its very difficult to watch for me. This is in progress for me as well. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and to all Fathers and Mothers for that matter, that are living this situation from EVIL ex-wives, husbands and the like. Something must be done about our court systems who refuse to believe in this form of abuse. Dads,Moms don’t give up!!!


too many brainwashed child-head.. too many child won’t love them self for that.. how cruel and ignorant can be some people making that to their children, bringing them out of truth.. in a land of chaos and desolation, isolation.. i pray for all those children hoping they will discover the truth and take their life back as it was, thanks for the video

(PadreSeparato) Italy

I’m so sorry to hear that a mother could do this to her own children. I believe Parental Alienation is far worse than anybody would of ever thought. I am a Grandmother that has been alienated from my 3 Grandson’s for no reason other than spite. Grandparent’s have no rights when it comes to their own grandchild. It interferes with a parents right to raise their own child. Right or wrong. I went to court and I was denied rights to visit my Grandson’s. How can this happen?

Kelly, Englewood, CA


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