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“Rick and Barb helped me more than I can say. They were amazing! 

I was married for over 30 years. My husband was a narcissist and I found out he was having an affair with a much younger woman. Barb and Rick shared strategies that helped me to prove there were assets that my husband didn’t disclose in our interrogatories. They helped me to say no to a needless and expensive court proceeding that my lawyer was adamantly pushing me to pursue. They also helped me to figure out how my husband was tracking me while we were separated.

They saved me a great deal of money. But more importantly they helped me avoid putting friends and family into a difficult and relationally destructive position by needlessly testifying in court. I was blessed to have their advice, encouragement, and strategies. They made a huge difference in my life. If you’re getting divorced, I would highly recommend getting their help!”

“This should be required reading for every man before they step one foot into court. It was life changing! I learned more in this book than I ever did from a father’s rights group. Thanks!” Mark (TX)

“I was involved in a high conflict marriage and divorce. As a result, my perspective was clouded and my confidence shattered. At one point my husband threatened to take our children, he also tried to turn them against me with his lies. Rick gave me great divorce advice and all the tools and confidence I needed to get through this. He helped me to respond to creepy emails from my spouse in a way that stopped the abuse and lies without caving in or escalating things. Having an advocate to help you avoid mistakes and set healthy boundaries makes all the difference. I am forever grateful for his coaching, support and book.” BB – OR

“As someone who has lived through a really difficult divorce, I can say from personal experience that the advice Rick provided was invaluable. I had no idea how divorce and the court system worked. His wisdom, insight, and knowledge of the system helped me avoid potentially disastrous and expensive situations. He also helped me to avoid dangerous situations with my spouse when things got crazy. Divorce is hard, confusing and painful. I’m so glad I didn’t have to do it alone. If you’re going through a divorce with a crazy spouse, you can’t afford not to use Rick’s services.” KO – MI

“this book is fascinating, brilliant, articulate, informative and most of all Truth to its maximum!”
Nikki – OH

“Thanks! Started this book between going to work, college, family and church. Wow! Real eye opener. Let’s just say I have made too many of these divorce mistakes. I definitely made some poor choices. My lawyer was not qualified to handle this type of person either and I could have started off in a better position. Be Blessed”, Tom – CA

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