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Suggestions for Friends and Family

Here’s a short list of tangible suggestions for friends and family to help the people you love. You can make a difference in their lives!

One of our greatest challenges during the process of losing my sons was feeling isolated and alone at times. After years of court battles and constant drama, some of our closest friends became tired of our struggles and started to drift away. We didn’t blame them. We wished desperately that we could drift away for a while ourselves…

  • PLEASE stay connected with the parent. This can be hard at times because they’re in such intense pain. They’re grieving a loss similar to a death, except this continues every day for them. You often don’t know how to help or what to say, so it’s easy to start avoiding them.
  • If you know someone who’s being alienated from their children, the greatest gift that you can give them is the gift of your constant love, support and prayers.
  • Do what you can to help financially. In our case, we had 4 years of court motions and hearings to defend ourselves against. In the end, legal fees alone totaled over $150,000. We’d never have made it without financial help from the family and friends that God blessed us with.
  • Help put together a website for the alienated child.  It’s healing for everyone involved in the process.  When the alienated child finds the site they’ll know that they’re loved, and the door is open when they’re ready to communicate with their parent.
  • If you have the ability to contact the children, let them know that they’re loved by the targeted parent. Remind them of stories and events that will trigger positive memories. If there’s a site, give them the website address so they can see the site for themselves.
  • Write letters to the children and give them to your family member or friend to post on their website.
  • It may seem small – but on court dates (which in alienation cases are often many), offer to make a meal or take them out to dinner. Court days are grueling, and they can use your love & support.
  • On holidays – don’t be afraid to bring up memories of the children. Send the targeted parent a card reminding them that they’re a good parent and you’re thinking of them.
  • When you see a friend or relative alienating their children from their other parent, speak into their life. Share how harmful and selfish this type of behavior is. Don’t be afraid to remind them that Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse. Suggest counseling to work through their problems, instead of a hate-filled campaign of Alienation.
  • Read books on Parental Alienation. Find out all you can about this issue and then do what you can to help the family. Spread awareness about this form of abuse.

A Great Resource for Friends and Family

Being alienated from a child is horrible. But being unable to convey the depth of damage being inflicted on you and your children to friends and family makes it worse. Even people that love you have a hard time understanding or believing that what you’re telling them is possible let alone true.

We’ve written this book as a powerful resource to help your friends and family better understand what you and your child are going through. And the danger and impact of parental alienation. You will find it in a PDF format from the link below.

The Alienation Nightmare - Helping Others Understand

Click on picture to download

We hope you’ve found these suggestions for friends and family helpful. Please let others know about our site and these invaluable resources.

If you have any additional ideas to help an alienated child or a targeted parent please send us a suggestion to add to this list. These tangible suggestions can be a lifeline to those suffering from parental alienation. And we will add them to our suggestions for friends and family!

Paying it Forward
This ministry is only possible because of financial support from others. We don’t charge for the information we share so anyone that needs it has access.

If you have a heart to help others going through a divorce or experiencing parental alienation, please consider partnering with us. Your support will pay it forward so that this information will be available for the next family that needs it. 

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