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Am I an Alienating Parent Quiz

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Parental alienation is a destructive form of child abuse that no sane or loving parent would knowingly use against their child to hurt or control the child’s other parent. The “Am I an Alienating Parent Quiz” will help you to honestly assess if you’re hurting your child with parental alienation tactics.

  • Have I ever allowed my child to disrespect their other parent?
  • Have I ever encouraged my child to disrespect their other parent?
  • Have I lied to the other parent about my child not feeling well?
  • Have I ever created a scene to make their other parent look bad?
  • Have I shared details of the divorce settlement or family court proceedings with my child?
  • Have I made my child feel insecure by saying things like “If you need me to come pick you up, I’ll be right there?”, “I’m sorry you have to spend the weekend with your Dad/Mom”, “Call me as soon as you get there to let me know your ok”
  • Have I used my child to spy on their other parent?
  • Have I used my child as a messenger?
  • Have I used the divorce as an excuse to not buy them something they wanted?
  • Have I grilled them for details of their visit with their other parent?
  • Have I asked them to lie to their other parent?
  • Have I acted hurt or betrayed if my child wanted to be with their other parent?
  • Have I told them I wouldn’t force them to see their other parent if they didn’t want to?
  • Have I accused their other parent of neglecting or abusing my child in front of that child?
  • Do I make excessive calls to my child when they are with their other parent?
  • Do I plan tempting alternatives that would interfere with their time with their other parent?
  • Have I purposely neglected to tell their other parent about school or sporting events?
  • Have I told my child their other parent was divorcing us or that they have abandoned us?
  • Do I use the family court as a weapon of intimidation to get my ex-spouse to do what I want them to do?

If you answered yes to any of these Parental Alienation Quiz questions, you’ll want to take a long hard look at yourself. What are your motives? Have you become an alienating parent? Are you employing alienating tactics against your children and ex spouse? If so, you may want to seek professional help to deal with your anger, hatred and control issues before they do irreparable damage to your child.

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