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17 – Developing Your Custom Plan

Wow, this has been quite a learning experience, hasn’t it? You’ve made incredible progress so far. Now you understand the extreme risk of danger and damage to those that are uneducated and unprepared to work through a divorce without the proper knowledge, tools and strategies.

Our 3 Step Process
You’ve already completed the first 2 steps of our custom 3-step process.

Next Step
Take what you’ve learned and apply what you’ve assessed about your specific situation. Then develop and follow your plan to achieve your goals in every area that applies to your circumstances.

Developing your plan

  1. Decide if now is the best time to proceed with a divorce (if you have a choice)
    (You’ve probably already done that)
  2. Review this entire program before speaking with an attorney
    (You’ve probably already done that)
  3. Assess each section of this material as it would apply to your specific situation
    (You’ve probably already started that)
  4. Work through the difficult spouse test to assess your spouse (and yourself)
    (You’ve probably already done that)
  5. Develop your custom plan
    (including your goals, strategies, necessary research and paperwork etc.)
  6. Implement as much as possible from the Prepare & Position and the Finances sections
  7. Decide how and when to proceed (especially alt options if the choice is yours) (You may have already done that)
  8. Start researching and interviewing attorneys
    (use worksheets provided)
  9. Ask attorney about laws and approximate settlement terms in your situation
    (Split of assets, custody, support amount and duration)
  10. Refine your settlement goals after speaking with an attorney
  11. Make a checklist of things to discuss with spouse
  12. Talk with spouse using the Negotiating Your Settlement section
  13. Work through as much as possible between the two of you
  14. Follow the steps outlined in this program to move forward from there
  15. Refer back to this material throughout your divorce to stay on track and obtain the best results

Congratulations on completing this life changing program! You have everything you need to successfully navigate your divorce with the least amount of conflict, cost and risk possible, without being taken advantage of by a difficult spouse.

It’s been an honor to be your tour guide through this material. Barb and I hope you have an amazing life filled with purpose, joy and contentment!

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