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Divorce Protection Program

The Ultimate Divorce Protection Program

How to get the most from this program:

There are multiple sections in this program. We highly recommend going through the material in the order that we’ve presented it. Perspective is an important factor, and each section builds on the previous one. Additionally, much of what we share will be hard to believe until you learn how this process is designed and how easily it can be abused at your expense.

Click on video #1 to begin the program. After completion, work through the other sections in the order that they’re listed. Each video will open in a new tab to make it easier for you to return to this page. You might want to bookmark this page for future reference.

Introduction pic
Video 1
Educating Yourself pic
Video 3
Prepare and Position pic
Video 5
Hiring an Attorney pic
Video 7
Managing Yourself pic
Video 9
Avoiding Fatal Mistakes pic
Video 11
Finances pic
Video 13
Taking Care of Yourself pic
Video 15
Developing Your Custom Plan pic
Video 17
Getting Started pic
Video 2
Dealing With a Difficult Spouse pic
Video 4
Understanding Family Court pic
Video 6
Managing Your Attorney pic
Video 8
Negotiating Your Settlement pic
Video 10
Reducing Costs and Conflict pic
Video 12
Parenting pic
Video 14
Our story and how we survived pic
Video 16

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Paying it Forward
This ministry is only possible because of financial support from others. We don’t charge for the information we share so anyone that needs it has access.

If you have a heart to help others going through a divorce or experiencing parental alienation, please consider partnering with us. Your support will pay it forward so that this information will be available for the next family that needs it. 

Legal Disclaimer
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