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Do you need our help?

Below is a quick quiz to help you determine if you would benefit from our help.

  1. Has your spouse ever given you a reason not to trust them?
  2. Will my spouse be honest and disclose all financial assets that I may not know about?
  3. Can I trust my spouse to be honest about me as a spouse and parent in court?
  4. If my spouse had an affair, will it make a difference in our financial settlement or child custody?
  5. Does your spouse speak negatively or degrading to you (or about you) in front of others?
  6. Would you ever describe your spouse as controlling or intimidating?
  7. Have they ever threatened to leave with the children or said they’re a better parent than you?
  8. My spouse is trying to turn our children against me, what do I do?
  9. Will my spouse find a cut-throat attorney to try and destroy me in court?
  10. Do you know insider sources to find the BEST attorney for your specific situation?
  11. How much will this divorce cost us and how will we pay for this?
  12. How will we survive financially as two households when we we’re “just getting by” as one?
  13. Do you know how to save thousands of dollars in legal fees?
  14. Do you know what to do if your spouse threatens to call the police if you don’t leave your home?
  15. Do you know what you are giving up if you move out of our home before your divorce is settled?
  16. Do you know how to greatly increase the odds of obtaining a favorable settlement?
  17. Do you know what “Status Quo” means and how it could affect you?
  18. Do you know how to avoid common mistakes that can hurt your settlement and family?
  19. Do you know the difference between sole custody, primary custody, joint physical custody, and joint custody?
  20. Do you have a difficult spouse? Find out here: Difficult Spouse Test

We recommend everyone taking the Difficult Spouse Test, to assess the amount of cost, conflict, and danger you can expect without our help. Once that’s done feel free to begin the program.

Go to our Ultimate Divorce Protection Program page to get started.

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